Fund for the City of New York

To improve local decision-making by continuing to build technical capacity in NYC borough president offices and community boards

  • Amount $525,000
  • City New York, NY
  • Investigator Noel Hidalgo
  • Year 2018
  • Program Initiatives
  • Sub-program New York City Initiatives

BetaNYC aims to improve civic technology and open data usage in New York City. The organization partners with New York’s borough president offices and the 59 community boards under them, focusing on how better use of technology and access to data can improve on-the-ground decision-making at a hyper-local scale. Among many other activities, BetaNYC runs a Civic Innovation Fellows program, which puts CUNY undergraduates to work identifying and addressing technology needs at borough president offices and community boards; offers open data training to municipal government workers; developed an open data dashboard to allow community board members to quickly and intuitively access relevant data, like the number and type of complaints received; and has launched several new software tools to inform community-level issues like liquor licensing or tenant disputes. Funds from this grant provide two years of operational support for BetaNYC.

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