To reduce barriers to data publication by providing context-specific guidance on sharing best practice, including suitable repositories

  • Amount $448,800
  • City San Francisco, CA
  • Investigator Kristen Ratan
  • Year 2018
  • Program Digital Technology
  • Sub-program Scholarly Communication

Recent years have seen a proliferation of policies coming from research funders, universities, and publishers intended to prod scientists toward more proactive archiving, citation, and data sharing practices. The mere presence of a policy, however, doesn’t guarantee compliance, so the Foundation has looked to support technologies that make it easier to adopt best practices in research data and software management. The grant funds work by the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation and the California Digital Library to develop DataSeer, an open sourced rule-based platform that would be able to automatically identify data referenced explicitly or implicitly in a grant proposal, data management plan, or draft article and suggest appropriate repositories for deposit of that data. By providing nudges and suggestions at specific targeted moments in the research lifecycle (like the creation of a data management plan, submission of a grant proposal, or submission of a manuscript), DataSeer has the potential to substantively improve proactive data sharing and archiving by researchers, while reducing the costs of compliance checking for funders, libraries, and publishers.

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