Urban Institute

To assess and better understand the labor supply, economic and health impacts of Paid Family Leave policies on older working adults who provide care to elderly family members

  • Amount $376,162
  • City Washington, DC
  • Investigator H. Elizabeth Peters
  • Year 2018
  • Program Working Longer
  • Sub-program

The aging of the population and the concomitant demands on families to provide elder care raise important questions about the effectiveness of state-level Paid Family Leave (PFL) policies, which purport to protect adults who provide care to aging parents and spouses. This grant to H. Elizabeth Peters at the Urban Institute funds a study of how well PFL policies in California and New Jersey protect caregivers. The study will examine two separate sets of questions. First, Peters and her team will begin by examining differential outcomes on labor supply, economic well being, and health for older caregivers in states with PFL programs and states without, and within states both before and after the establishment of the programs. Second, the team will employ focus groups to explore and explain the curiously low utilization rate of PFL policies by workers.

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