RAND Corporation

To construct, field, and analyze a new survey to collect information about employers’ incentives and willingness to consider alternate work conditions for aging workers

  • Amount $599,160
  • City Santa Monica, CA
  • Investigator Jeffrey Wenger
  • Year 2019
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Working Longer

While some evidence exists about the types of job conditions that could encourage older workers to remain in the labor force, it is unknown whether and the extent to which those conditions are or could be available in the labor market. Surveys of older workers, for instance, regularly report high demand for workplace flexibility—specifically hours flexibility—as well as other conditions. Yet, employee preferences for job conditions like these are only half of the labor market equation. Substantially less research has been done on the employer side of the equation to understand firm-level incentives and capabilities. This grant funds a project by Jeffrey Wenger and David Powell at the RAND Corporation, in collaboration with a team at the Indeed Hiring Lab that will survey human resource (HR) professionals, hiring managers, and employers to collect information about firms’ working conditions, the variation in those working conditions across workers in the same firm, and the varying on-the-job amenities from which workers can select. In addition to collecting and analyzing these data, the team will construct a set of vignettes that display the tradeoffs between job conditions and wages that firms are capable of and willing to make. This project will produce some of the first evidence about firm-level behavior regarding the willingness of employers to accommodate older workers with specific work conditions.

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