Film Independent, Inc.

To support the triennial Sloan Film Summit, a three-day event of screenings, panels, staged readings, project updates, networking opportunities, and community building for Sloan film grantees

  • Amount $417,890
  • City Los Angeles, CA
  • Investigator Josh Welsh
  • Year 2020
  • Program Public Understanding
  • Sub-program Film

This grant provides funding to Film Independent (FIND) to organize, publicize and host the next Sloan Film Summit, a major convening of all grantees in the Foundation’s Film program, held every three years pre-COVID. FIND will continue to include public-facing events that go beyond the Sloan attendees. FIND’s own membership has grown by 25% since the last summit and includes over 7,500 filmmakers, who will be among the target audience. The three-day summit, which will feature some 150 attendees, offers a rare opportunity for mingling and interacting among students, faculty, and administrators from the six long-established Sloan film schools; filmmakers and leaders from the five Sloan screenplay development and film festival partners; and the Museum of the Moving Image, Coolidge Corner Theatre, and the Science and Entertainment Exchange. The 2021 Summit will also include representatives from new entrants to the Sloan Film program, including the six new film schools in the Discovery Awards program and the Athena Film Festival and North Fork TV Festival. Planned activities at the festival include an opening night film screening and dinner, updates on Sloan award recipients, case studies of successful filmmaker-scientists collaborations, a networking lunch that connects filmmakers with scientists, staged screenplay readings, a panel where leading scientists discuss underappreciated scientific discoveries, and an industry connection event that will allow 100 filmmakers to meet one-on-one with agents, casting directors, distributors, and other industry executives.

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