Research Foundation for SUNY at Buffalo

To better understand how communities and stakeholders perceive negative emissions technologies and solar radiation management technologies

  • Amount $496,909
  • City Amherst, NY
  • Investigator Holly Buck
  • Year 2021
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Energy and Environment

There are many complex societal questions associated with the development and deployment of negative emissions technologies, which are designed to remove carbon dioxide from the air, and solar radiation management technologies, which attempt to reflect sunlight from the atmosphere and thereby reduce warming. These include, but are not limited to, issues related to public perception and acceptance, willingness to site such novel technological infrastructure in different communities, and analyzing how costs and benefits might accrue differentially across populations. This grant will support high-quality social science research to understand community stakeholder views on negative emissions and solar radiation management in different regions of the country. Researchers will conduct interviews and focus groups across five geographically diverse regions where negative emissions or solar radiation interventions are likely to be located.  The multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research team, led by Holly Buck at the University of Buffalo, will supplement the local perspectives garnered through these interviews by fielding a nationally representative survey to examine public perceptions of both technologies and provide baseline information across a wide cross-section of the population. The team expects to produce up to six research papers that report on their results, train at least one postdoctoral scholar, and disseminate findings to practitioners and local communities.

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