Auburn University

To undertake a collaborative data integration planning effort that assesses current data needs among energy and environment policy researchers

  • Amount $49,994
  • City Auburn, AL
  • Investigator Jonathan Fisk
  • Year 2021
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Energy and Environment

Available energy and environment data can be rather siloed, with datasets from different federal and state agencies difficult to link with one another due to differences in what data is collected, how it is structured, what formats are used to store it, and what metadata is attached. Connecting such disparate datasets so that they can be jointly and meaningfully analyzed represents a significant and time-consuming effort for researchers, particularly those from different disciplines who want to address broader questions of climate change, environmental justice, social welfare, or public policy. This grant supports a team of multidisciplinary team of social scientists across multiple institutions, led by Jonathan Fisk, to begin to address this issue.  Funds will support a broad initial survey of researchers across a wide range of social science disciplines to identify the most used and useful data sources in this area, gain insight into the questions researchers are attempting to answer, and understand the barriers they face in linking different datasets.  The survey will then lead to a workshop where survey responses will inform discussion of where the most pressing needs for data integration are and development of a plan for addressing them. The workshop will then be followed by an iterative process of researcher consultation that ensures future data integration plans continue to be tightly bound to researchers’ needs.

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