Data & Computational Research


UC Irvine professor and Sloan grantee Holly Bik discusses Phinch, a Sloan-supported biodata visualization platform, at the 2016 NYU Data Summit. Developing tools that help researchers work more effectively with data is one of the primary goals of the Data and Computational Research program.

Program Goal

To accelerate scientific discovery by helping researchers fully exploit the opportunities created by recent advances in our ability to collect, transmit, analyze, store, and manipulate data.


​Grantmaking aims to

  • Support the efficient management and sharing of research data and code from acquisition through analysis
  • Grow the current and future scientific data work force.

​​Grants in this program tend to fall into four broad types:

  • Software grants support technology development ranging from prototyping funds to substantial scaling resources;
  • Training grants aim at supporting work force training and curricular initiatives as well as targeted adoption of new technologies by specific communities;
  • Research grants bring historical, ethnographic, and economic research methods to bear on our understanding of scholarly activities in a changing technological context;
  • Community grants build networks for knowledge exchange across disciplines as well as institutions that serve to incubate sustainable research and software projects.


Interested scholars should submit a letter of inquiry of no more than two pages to program director Joshua M. Greenberg.