International Science Engagement


The Earth Observatory of Singapore brings together geoscientists from two dozen nations to jointly research issues of common concern, such as volcanism, hydroclimatic variability, and tectonics.

Program Goal

To engage scientists, engineers, and mathematicians in conflict regions around the world and to develop professional networks among them so they can collaborate on common research challenges and solve common problems to enhance the region’s quality of life while meeting face-to-face, reducing tensions, and improving mutual understanding and cooperation.


International Science Engagement

  • Launched in 2011, the initiative focused initially on efforts to create a South Asia Science Center based in Singapore that would include researchers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and China.
  • After a 2012 meeting on rice science at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, the program is now working with Nanyang Technological University, which held a pilot meeting on earthquake science in 2015 involving 11 Asia nations
  • Potential research topics include earth science, water, energy, health care, and disaster relief.

Scholar Rescue Fund

  • Grants in this initiative support a select number of opportunistic projects that draw on science as a transnational, non-ideological community of shared interests and values. Examples include Foundation support for the Scholar Rescue Fund, which provides life-saving fellowships and academic placements for persecuted scholars from around the world


This program is not currently accepting unsolicited grant proposals or letters of inquiry.