Frequently Asked Questions about the Request for Applications for Funding for Small-Scale Experiments in Fundamental Physics

1. Is this program aiming to fund multi-institutional collaborations? 

There is no explicit or implicit aim to fund multi-institutional collaborations, nor are there any prohibitions on this. There is also no requirement that at least one of the PIs be from a different department, university, state or nation. However, this might be a scenario for many of the proposals.

2. How important is it to have the full group of PIs in place for the Letter of Intent (LOI) or full proposal? Can we add more PIs if we are selected to submit a full proposal? 

More PIs can be added at the full proposal stage. However, LOIs and full proposals will be judged in part on the abilities of the proposed PIs to carry out the research.

3. Can the project include both experimental and theoretical components?

This is a program in experimental physics. The foundations would allow theoretical or computational components only if they serve the proposed experimental project. A primarily theoretical or computational proposal would not be appropriate.

4. Is there a typical number of PIs that is envisioned for the proposal?

No, we will consider proposals with varied compositions.

5. If my LOI is not approved this year, may I reapply next year? 

This is a one-time call and there is no plan for a similar announcement next year.

6. I currently hold award(s) from at least one of the four foundations. Am I eligible to be a PI in this program?

Yes, being a recipient of an award from one of the four foundations does not disqualify you from applying as part of this funding call.

7. How do subawards work for these awards?

Each foundation has specific rules on subawards that you will need to adhere to. For your LOI please include all costs including personnel in your budget regardless of institution.

8. Who should be listed in the personnel section of the LOI?

List only principal investigators (PIs and Co-PIs).

9. What is the timeline for decisions?

LOIs are due on 31 October 2022. We expect to make decisions on soliciting full proposals by December 2022. Final funding should be available by the fall of 2023.

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