Valerie Crane

Director, Human Resources and Administration

  • Valerie Crane has worked in Human Resources for over 20 years in both the corporate and the non-profit sectors. She is currently the Director of Human Resources and Administration at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and has been there since August 2015. Prior to joining Sloan, she was Director of Human Resources at the New-York Historical Society from 2008-2015. She serves on the Steering Committee of the New York Cultural Institutions Human Resources Group, a network of HR practitioners with twin focuses on education and shared knowledge.

    Crane was the founder and chief executive of Crane Resources, a human resources consulting firm which advised small organizations on a range of HR-related issues, including training, recruitment, personnel management, and HR policy development. She feels strongly that one of the most important (but often over looked) parts of management is teaching people different ways to “manage up”. She continually brings the skills she learned as a consultant and trainer into her in-house roles as an HR Director.