Sloan-supported American Experience documentary "Mr. Tornado" tells the story of meteorologist Ted Fujita's seminal tornado studies.

Program Goal

Develop television projects that tell stories, both historical and contemporary, about science and technology, and that portray the lives of the men and women engaged in scientific and technological pursuits.


Grantmaking in the Television program seeks to:

  • Show the central role that science and technology—and scientists, engineers, and mathematicians—have played in American and world history;
  • Highlight key contemporary scientific breakthroughs, milestones, and challenges;

  • Spotlight key science and technology subjects and figures featured in Sloan-supported books and significantly expand their audiences;

  • Reach new audiences by extending beyond traditional documentaries into drama and docudrama.

Upcoming Events

Catalog of Supported Programs

A list of public and commercial television projects, series, and programs supported by the Foundation.

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Grantseekers should submit a letter of inquiry of no more than two pages to program director Doron Weber.

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