Scholarly Communication

PLEASE NOTE: New grant proposals are no longer being accepted in this program.

Program Goal

To empower researchers by supporting the development and adoption of new resources for managing the increasingly diverse array of digital communication channels, enabling scientists to more effectively locate relevant research, network with other researchers, and disseminate their work to the scientific community and the public.

The Issue

The ability for anyone to publish and access anything on the Internet has disrupted the traditional role of academic journals in directing the attention of researchers and has also opened space for new research outputs like preprints, datasets, and codebases to be valued on their own terms. In this context, important scholarly practices like review, annotation, and curation needed to be updated to reflect and take advantage of this new technological landscape. Grants in this program have aimed to support innovative discovery and review of diverse scholarly materials, and established new forms of publication connecting data, code, and analysis as first-order research outputs.

As funding ramps down in this area, any new grants under Scholarly Communication will focus on the legacies of Sloan grantmaking, shoring up existing projects and platforms that have received Sloan funding and setting these institutions up for continued operation after Sloan funding ceases.

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