Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

To support an international research initiative on innovation, equity, and the future of prosperity

  • Amount $500,000
  • City Toronto, Canada
  • Investigator Dan Breznitz
  • Initiative Economic Analysis of Science and Technology (EAST)
  • Year 2022
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Economics

What interventions can promote equitable economic growth in regions left behind by the tech boom? Regional economic development is an increasingly urgent challenge for Sloan, for the United States, and throughout the world. Scholarly research needs to address innovation, prosperity, opportunity, and equity as related. One book that takes this on is Innovation in Real Places by Dan Breznitz, Professor in the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. He documents how the vaunted success of places like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, and Taiwan has been good for only a very few males from the upper classes and bad for most everyone else. Regions that simply try to emulate existing tech hubs waste lots of time, money, talent, and energy. Understanding how a given area can find its own niche in the global production processes makes much more sense.Together with two co-directors, Breznitz now leads the Innovation, Equity, and the Future of Prosperity (IEP) program at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR).  The program brings together an international group of researchers from economics, sociology, geography, engineering, robotics, and history to develop a new approaches to studying place-based innovation, prosperity, and opportunity.  Sloan funds will help support IEP program operations including regular research workshops. CIFAR will also award Catalyst Grants to fund novel research collaborations among IEP program participants.

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