University of California, Davis

To develop a web-based framework for the visualization of scientific data generated by standard data pipelines

  • Amount $245,721
  • City Davis, CA
  • Investigator Holly Bik
  • Year 2013
  • Program Technology
  • Sub-program Data & Computational Research

In many scientific fields, the process of cleaning and preparing data is managed by increasingly well-established software pipelines. Raw data goes in and structured, refined data comes out ready for analysis. Data pipelines are particularly valuable in fields where the data coming out of instruments are relatively standardized—genomic sequencers, for example, or astronomical telescopes. One potential benefit of data pipelines is that they lower the barriers to sophisticated data visualization, since platforms to explore data visually could be directly connected to data pipelines rather than rely on costly work by individual researchers to prepare and load data. Yet while basic visualization capabilities have been hard-wired to specific data pipelines, there is no generic framework that could interface between data pipelines and data visualization tools.This grant supports efforts by biologist Holly Bik of the University of California, Davis to develop just such a framework. Partnering with leading data visualization firm Pitch Interactive, Bik will work with an initial set of use cases to develop a framework for data visualization on top of existing genomic data pipelines, keeping an eye toward its applicability to other fields.

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