Mozilla Foundation

To improve the quality of software produced by scientists, and to drive the development of tools, practices, and diverse community around digitally networked science

  • Amount $685,950
  • City Mountain View, CA
  • Investigator Kaitlin Thaney
  • Year 2012
  • Program Technology
  • Sub-program Data & Computational Research

This grant supports the continued development and expansion of "Software Carpentry", an initiative launched by the Mozilla Foundation to train scientists in best practices for how to use and develop software. Starting with immersive workshops, and following up with online resources and tutorials, the Software Carpentry project provides intensive, hands-on training that allows scientists to thrive in a research environment that is increasingly software-driven. Funds support Mozilla's efforts to expand the Software Carpentry program, conducting workshops and training scientists to design and lead workshops of their own. Additional funds will support the development and launch of a "Webmaking Science Lab", an online portal and set of complementary resources aimed at facilitating the open-source, collaborative, researcher-driven development of scientific software.

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