Association of Research Libraries

To support the scaling, data quality, and incorporation into university workflows of SHARE, a system for the tracking of research release events across publishers and repositories

  • Amount $600,000
  • City Washington, DC
  • Investigator Elliott Shore
  • Year 2015
  • Program Technology
  • Sub-program Scholarly Communication

This grant funds the continued development of SHARE, an open access database and service that links together university-based data repositories in an effort to make scholarly research widely accessible, discoverable, and reusable. Developed in collaboration between the Association of Research Libraries and the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities, SHARE includes not only a searchable database of research, but also a scholarly research notification service that allows users to keep abreast of new developments in scholarship, for example, when a relevant new white paper is uploaded by a scholar they are following, an important dataset is updated, or a previously unpublished study is published. Funds from this grant will support the continued development and expansion of the SHARE platform, including efforts to increase the number of participating data providers, integration of SHARE into the diverse workflows of member institutions, and the cleaning and normalizing of the, oft-messy, metadata that powers the SHARE search algorithms.

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