University of California, Office of the President

To promote research data sharing by enhancing the usability (design, functionality, and user experience) of existing community repositories

  • Amount $266,958
  • City Oakland, CA
  • Investigator Stephen Abrams
  • Year 2014
  • Program Technology
  • Sub-program Scholarly Communication

Developed by the California Digital Library (CDL), which serves the entire University of California system, the Data Management Plan (DMP) tool is an open source software platform that allows UC researchers to create and implement data management plans, which are an increasingly ubiquitous requirement of government and private funding for scientific research.  The existence of such platforms reduces the barriers to data sharing, allowing scientists to make their data permanently available in accordance with funder requirements without having to invest significant time, effort, or other resources in the process.  Funds from this grant will allow the CDL, which operates out of the Office of the President, to launch and implement a redesign of the user interface of the Data Management Plan tool.  Using detailed user feedback that is the norm in much for-profit software development, the CDL team will redesign its primary interface using detailed user-experience testing, letting the needs and competencies of actual users drive how the interface works. The result will be a lightweight open source software application that would be accessible initially to the thousands of scientists and researchers employed throughout the University of California system, but which will be generalized enough that it could, in principle, sit in-between users and any data repository.

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