National Academy of Sciences

To develop, analyze, and promote standards for the citation and attribution of data sets by research communities

  • Amount $281,258
  • City Washington, DC
  • Investigator Paul Uhlir
  • Year 2011
  • Program Digital Technology
  • Sub-program Scholarly Communication

Progress in science depends critically on a familiar but delicate system that rewards citations and priority. Scientists are rewarded for discovering something first, and they are rewarded for writing something that other scientists frequently reference. Though this familiar system provides well established norms for the citation of scholarly articles, there are not similarly accepted norms for citing scientific datasets. Funds from this grant will support a project by the National Research Council's Board on Research Data and Information to address how to attribute and cite scientific datasets. The Board will establish a steering committee to examine practices and standards, to hold a symposium and workshop, and to organize a joint series of meetings in cooperation with the CODATA-ICSTI Task Group on Data Citation Practices.

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