Resources for the Future, Inc.

To ensure that appropriate economic data will be collected and distributed concerning new policies for regulating Green House Gas emissions

  • Amount $202,264
  • City Washington, DC
  • Investigator Juha Siikamaki
  • Year 2009
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Economic Institutions, Behavior, & Performance

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. will have significant impacts on our economy. There are strong positive and negative precedents for how to go about this. Powerful industry opposition to the transparent data collection and release was successfully overcome by prominent economists like Paul Joskow working through the Acid Rain Advisory Council. The thorough studies this made possible have helped make cap-and-trade for sulfur dioxide successful, most notably the definitive book Markets for Clean Air: The U.S. Acid Rain Program by Ellerman, Joskow, Schmalensee, Montero, and Bailey. Resources for the Future (RFF) has realized not only that it is critical to learn from past successes like this and build reporting requirements into the regulatory plans now being formulated, they have also recognized the need to train a new generation of scholars who will have a stake in monitoring and analyzing the data going forward many years. This project will also cooperate with an ongoing RFF study of how to measure carbon sequestration in forests that the Sloan Foundation has funded. Such grants do not necessarily signal the beginning of a full climate change program at the Sloan Foundation, but are consistent with our emphasis on promoting open access to information and enabling non-partisan policy relevant research.

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