University of Texas, Austin

To follow up the original nationally representative High School and Beyond (HSB) study to produce a valuable new data infrastructure and research findings about the foundation for working longer

  • Amount $3,200,145
  • City Austin, TX
  • Investigator Chandra Muller
  • Year 2012
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Working Longer

This grant funds a project by sociologist Chandra Muller and economist Sandra Black at the University of Texas to re-contact and survey the nationally representative High School and Beyond (HSB) sophomore class cohort, a sample of nearly 15,000 individuals, just before most turn 50 years old. The original HSB surveyed this cohort every two years from 1980 to 1986, and again in 1992. Data collected include metrics on cognitive and noncognitive skills, parent and teacher evaluations, high school transcripts, student financial aid records, utilization patterns of public entitlement programs, college transcripts, early-life work experiences, and answers to detailed student questionnaires. Resurveying this cohort now, more than 30 years after the initial survey, will create a uniquely rich and robust public use dataset that will enable scholars from diverse disciplines to study in previously unavailable detail the relationship between early-life human capital and later-life outcomes.

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