Film Independent, Inc.

To support the triennial Sloan Film Summit, a three-day event of screenings, panels, staged readings, project updates, and networking opportunities and community building for Sloan film grantees

  • Amount $381,053
  • City Los Angeles, CA
  • Investigator Jennifer Kushner
  • Year 2014
  • Program Public Understanding
  • Sub-program Film

Funds from this grant will allow Film Independent (FIND) to host the 2014 Sloan Film Summit, a major convening of all of the Foundation’s film grantees held every three years, from film schools to film festivals, and from film development to film distribution partners. Supported activities at the summit include screenings of short films produced by Sloan-supported student filmmakers, screenplay readings, scientist-filmmaker panels on a variety of topics related to the incorporation of high-quality science into narrative film, updates on the progress of Sloan-supported projects, and networking events with industry insiders.  In addition to events for participants in the Sloan Film program, the summit will also feature three public-facing events: a full day of screenings of completed Sloan feature films followed by Q&A with the filmmakers, the staged readings of select Sloan-winning screenplays, and a high-profile “conversation” that focuses on science and storytelling.

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