New York Hall of Science

To create an interactive eBook for iPad that incorporates compelling narratives from the Innocence Project with scientific themes of DNA used as evidence and cognitive and perception biases

  • Amount $320,514
  • City Corona, NY
  • Investigator Eric Siegel
  • Year 2012
  • Program Public Understanding
  • Sub-program New Media

This grant funds the production of an interactive new eBook, Innocence, Guilt and Science. Authored by New York Times reporter Jim Dwyer and produced in conjunction with the Innocent Project, the book will detail some of the more than 250 death row convictions and life sentences the Innocent Project has helped overturn through the use of DNA evidence. The book will explore how cutting edge advances in genomics is affecting the judicial system, including how they sheds light on the subjective distortions of more traditional forensic "science" based on perception and memory. Innocence Guilt and Science will also push the envelope of eBook technology, integrating traditional written narrative with photos and court documents, in-depth video clips, links to online resources, and interactive games that will allow readers to explore scientific themes. Innocence, Guilt and Science will provide the public with a deeper understanding of the science of DNA testing and how it is used to identify individuals; and also with a greater grasp of the science of perception, cognition, and the many distortions that our memories introduce.

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