Council on Foreign Relations

To fund a workshop on Reassessing Energy Security related to oil and gas

  • Amount $100,286
  • City New York, NY
  • Investigator Michael Levi
  • Initiative Energy Security
  • Year 2009
  • Program Energy and Environment
  • Sub-program

As part of our exploration of whether to expand our support for research and public understanding of energy issues, we invited the Council on Foreign Relations to request funding for a workshop on energy security related to oil and gas. The workshop will have three important features: It will go beyond the platitudes and misconceptions that often dominate discussions of this subject. It will result in a well considered research agenda for this field that could guide our grantmaking if we decide to pursue the subject further. It will make a special effort to involve young scholars and policy analysts (meaning those under 40) from a diverse set of academic and professional backgrounds as a modest first step in ensuring that new, fresh blood is brought into the field. We believe that this workshop will be very useful and serve as an excellent foundation to help us decide what, if anything, we wish to do further in this field.

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