Duke University

To support Duke University’s Energy Data Analytics Lab to develop and apply advanced data analytics tools that improve understanding about potential energy utilization and responses to various interventions that affect energy utilization

  • Amount $300,000
  • City Durham, NC
  • Investigator Richard Newell
  • Year 2015
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Energy and Environment

New technologies like real-time electricity meters and smart appliances are generating vast amounts of new, granular data on household energy consumption. This grant supports the Energy Data Analytics Lab (EDAL) at Duke University in its efforts to use this growing body of data to increase our understanding of household energy consumption patterns; evaluate policy interventions designed to curb energy use; and anticipate strains, failures, and bottlenecks in the electricity sector. Planned research topics over the next two years include investigations into how big data can be used to develop accurate baseline assessments of energy resources, how to use remote sensors to estimate the distribution and growth of household solar panels, and how the discovery and extraction of U.S. natural gas deposits are related to price volatility in the natural gas market. Additional grant funds support a host of outreach and community-building activities by the EDAL, including the hosting of a workshop on advanced energy data analytics, the construction of a web portal to make EDAL research, data, and methods easily available to other researchers, and the training of undergraduate and graduate students through lectures, classroom modules, and laboratory assignments.

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