Duke University

To continue public finance research to understand comprehensively the key fiscal issues faced by local governments experiencing new or increased shale oil and shale gas development

  • Amount $249,951
  • City Durham, NC
  • Investigator Richard Newell
  • Year 2014
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Energy and Environment

This grant to Richard Newell at the Duke University Energy Initiative supports the second phase of research focused on documenting and understanding local economic responses to managing shale gas and oil revenues.  Newell’s previous research analyzed the extent to which increased tax receipts are able to cover growing expenditures for municipal services in several municipalities and counties across eight states. This grant will allow Newell to expand his efforts in the states already surveyed and to expand his research to eight additional states, covering every major shale energy producing region in the country. Newell and his team will conduct over 75 on-the-ground structured interviews with local municipal managers, industry stakeholders, and other experts in these states.  They will also collect financial data from local governments and produce a robust economic analysis comparing tax collection and revenue distribution practices.  The expansion of state coverage will also allow the research team to write a set of synthesis reports that compare experiences across the United States.  Finally, Newell and his team also propose to disseminate their research findings broadly in academic and policy settings.

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