National Opinion Research Center

To conduct an inventory of the university programs associated with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Minority Ph.D. program for underrepresented minority graduate students, and to survey program participants

  • Amount $666,440
  • City Chicago, IL
  • Investigator Raymond Lodato
  • Year 2012
  • Program Higher Education
  • Sub-program Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in STEM Higher Education

This grant will fund a project by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) to evaluate the impact of the Foundation's Minority Ph.D. program. NORC will survey faculty at all 53 departments participating in the Minority Ph.D. program as well as all currently-enrolled graduate students supported through the program, and will attempt to track down and survey every former participant of these departments (whether with Ph.D. in hand or not) to determine what they did after their first job and where they are now. NORC will also track and survey Sloan-funded Ph.D. recipients from departments that once but no longer participate in the Minority Ph.D. program. NORC will then analyze these surveys to provide a complete picture of the career outcomes of all Ph.D. graduates who had received some part of their fellowship funding from Sloan. The output of this project will contribute to the evaluation of and improvements to the structure and performance of the Minority Ph.D. program.

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