University of Rhode Island

To build a Deep Carbon Observatory Engagement Team and launch and support a suite of community building, engagement, and communications strategies on behalf of the Deep Carbon Observatory

  • Amount $749,381
  • City Kingston, RI
  • Investigator Sara Hickox
  • Year 2012
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Deep Carbon Observatory

By the time it culminates in 2020, the Foundation expects that the Deep Carbon Observatory will involve nearly 1,000 researchers from scores of research and educational institutions, across dozens of countries, spanning a tremendous number of scientific disciplines, including geology, physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and microbiology. Creating and maintaining a coherent, consistent identity for such a distributed, heterogeneous group and facilitating communications within it is crucial if the DCO is to achieve its goals quickly and efficiently. Funds from this grant support efforts by a team led by Sara Hickox at the University of Rhode Island to manage community-building, communication, education, and outreach activities for the DCO. Informed by experience managing education and outreach for the Census of Marine Life, Hickox and her team will facilitate interaction, knowledge-sharing, and coordination among DCO researchers; communicate common goals, methods, plans, and research agendas; produce educational materials; and coordinate the dissemination of DCO research to media outlets and the public.

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