Annual Reviews

To publish a digital magazine that unlocks scientific research to inform the public discourse in multiple subjects with compelling, timely, and impartial knowledge

  • Amount $800,000
  • City Palo Alto, CA
  • Investigator Richard Gallagher
  • Year 2016
  • Program Technology
  • Sub-program Universal Access to Knowledge

Annual Reviews is a nonpro?t publisher of a prestigious series of multi?author reviews in 46 discipline?speci?c ?elds in natural and social science. From analytic chemistry to economics to virology, these reviews are considered authoritative syntheses of scienti?c developments in each ?eld as determined by 600 leading scientists and academics. Funds from this grant provide partial support for the launch of a digital magazine that would utilize its treasure trove of research to inform the public discourse. This new, web?based magazine will use essays, interviews, videos, podcasts, infographics, and animations to engage a broad audience and will feature the latest scienti?c research on a wide range of subjects, highlighting the real?world signi?cance of scienti?c research and demonstrating how it can illuminate subjects that might otherwise appear opaque, confusing, or controversial. Beyond the research community, the magazine is aimed at non–research professionals, the media, educators and students, policy specialists, patients and patient advocates, and the general public. The magazine would produce five to ten substantive text and multimedia items per week, plus one long video per month and weekly short videos. All items will be supported by two to three AR reviews freely available for a speci?ed period, allowing readers a deep dive into popular social issues. In addition, all magazine content will be free to read and with appropriate attribution to republish online and in print, signi?cantly increasing its value for research, education, and innovation and multiplying the readership, especially on social media.

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