University of Pennsylvania

To hire, house, and manage the initial coordinator for a network of administrative data research facilitators

  • Amount $264,237
  • City Philadelphia, PA
  • Investigator Dennis Culhane
  • Initiative Empirical Economic Research Enablers (EERE)
  • Year 2016
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Economic Institutions, Behavior, & Performance

One goal of the Foundation’s grantmaking in economics is to lower barriers that impede obtaining and using naturally occurring datasets for sound and reproducible research. One strategy is to identify, strengthen, and, in some cases, create intermediaries who can manage the relationships between data generators and academic researchers. We refer to such an intermediary as an Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF). These facilities will, in turn, work more effectively if they can be linked together into a network that facilitates the sharing of standards, best practices, and data among ADRFs. Such networks, however, require a dedicated coordinator to ensure their proper functioning. This grant to the University of Pennsylvania provides two years of (partial) salary support for a network coordinator devoted to servicing the growing needs of the ADRF community. Although this network organizer will work with various ADRFs, he or she will be initially hosted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP) project, headed by Dennis Culhane. AISP has emerged as a leader in developing practical procedures and protocols for conducting research that uses administrative data and is thus well positioned within the community to successfully host this important position.

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