Boston University

To develop, evaluate, and transfer to practice a robust framework of distribution locational marginal prices that can improve efficiencies in electricity distribution

  • Amount $424,360
  • City Boston, MA
  • Investigator Michael Caramanis
  • Year 2017
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Energy and Environment

This grant funds work by power systems expert Michael Caramanis to develop a sophisticated, granular framework for pricing electricity at different points on the electricity distribution grid, especially for those systems that feature increased levels of load varying distributed energy resources like consumer solar panels. Decades ago, the introduction of locational marginal prices (LMPs) helped to match generation and consumption in the bulk power system. Caramanis plans to extend this framework and take on the more technically complex challenge of developing distribution network locational marginal prices (DLMP) for different nodes in the electricity distribution grid. After developing algorithms to model DLMP for electricity distribution, Caramais will work in close collaboration with at least two utilities to test his model on actual distribution system networks. The proposed work will help address a critical gap in the academic literature and could lead to improved regulatory policies regarding distribution network pricing.

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