Resources for the Future, Inc.

To conduct research on the economics of transportation by studying consumer demand for new vehicle technologies and alternative fuel vehicles

  • Amount $450,000
  • City Washington, DC
  • Investigator Joshua Linn
  • Year 2016
  • Program Energy and Environment
  • Sub-program

Transportation accounts for a large fraction of both U.S. petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and continues to be an important contributor to local concentrations of nitrogen oxide and ozone. This grant funds a project by Resources for the Future (RFF) that will examine and assess consumer demand for low-carbon vehicles, be they electric cars or nonelectric cars with high fuel economy ratings. Partnering with Maritz CX Research, a private market research firm with detailed information on individual consumer purchasing decisions of new vehicles and their attributes, the RFF team will analyze more than five years of records related to how consumers make decisions about vehicle purchases, totaling nearly one million observations of car purchasing decisions. While this remains a small fraction of total domestic car purchases over that time period, the data set is larger and of higher quality than any publicly available data source that has been explored in the transportation economics literature to date. RFF will examine this rich data set by exploring how consumers value low-carbon vehicle attributes, consumer demand for innovations in the electric vehicle market, and the interactions between fuel prices and greenhouse gas mitigation standards that have been set for the transportation sector.

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