Center for Open Science

To implement and test features to signal credibility and trust on preprint services

  • Amount $499,431
  • City Charlottesville, VA
  • Investigator Brian Nosek
  • Year 2018
  • Program Technology
  • Sub-program Scholarly Communication

The Center for Open Science’s (COS) preprint platform was designed to serve a variety of scholarly communities, especially lowering barriers to entry for those disciplines new to preprint publication whose needs were not being served by the larger, more highly powered preprint servers like arXiv. This grant funds a project by COS founder Brian Nosek to use the COS preprint platform as the setting for a series of experiments that will test how user trust is affected by different preprint platform features. Nosek proposes to use the launch of already-planned features like annotation and visual icons to run a set of experiments on the assignment of trust by readers of scientific research. While the budget includes some technical development, the bulk of the requested funding will support the COS “metascience” team to take a mixed-methods research approach, combining surveys with analysis of usage data from the preprint servers to understand the impact of annotation and “reproducibility badges” on readers’ perceptions of trustworthiness of individual preprints and of the preprint server overall.

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