Code for Science and Society

To support better use of spreadsheets in research through continued development of software that is user-friendly, designed to integrate with existing open tools and languages, customizable by discipline, and supportive of best practices in data management and computational reproducibility

  • Amount $609,500
  • City Portland, OR
  • Investigator Nokome Bentley
  • Year 2018
  • Program Digital Technology
  • Sub-program Data & Computational Research

Stencila is a spreadsheet tool that enables researchers to execute Python, R, or SQL code from within individual cells alongside data and Excel-style formulae. The promise of a platform like Stencila is that it allows researchers who are comfortable in Excel to exploit the universe of disciplinary and statistical libraries in open source languages like Python and R without having to wholly embrace a different way of working. Funds from this grant support efforts by New Zealand–based scientist Nokome Bentley to expand the power and user base of Stencila. Plans involve identification of and outreach to researchers most likely to find Stencila useful, the implementation of several new features designed to ease adoption of the platform, the further growth of a community of committed open source developers, and efforts to diversify the project’s funding base.

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