North Carolina State University

To utilize an open source energy system model to create an Open Energy Outlook for the United States

  • Amount $400,000
  • City Raleigh, NC
  • Investigator Joseph DeCarolis
  • Year 2019
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Energy and Environment

Temoa (Tools for Energy Model Optimization and Analysis) is a modern, open source software platform for modeling energy systems. Developed by Joe DeCarolis at North Carolina State University, Temoa is a model modeling framework. It’s open source, well-documented, small enough to run without access to huge computing resources, and accompanied by guides and tutorials that make its features accessible for new and experienced modelers alike. Funds from this grant support a project led by DeCarolis and his collaborator, Paulina Jaramillo of Carnegie Mellon University, to utilize Temoa to create an Open Energy Outlook report for the United States. The report will lay out several scenarios for how the U.S. energy system might evolve over the coming decades, including detailed consideration of how sector specific developments in buildings, electricity, fuels, heavy industry, policy and economics, and transportation might contribute to that evolution. The report promises to be an important complement to the Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook and other similar modeling efforts. Grant funds will support two iterations of the Open Energy Outlook Report, intra-team meetings and workshops, and development of the Temoa model to support the new analysis.

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