Australian National University Foundation

To build, enhance, and promote a new path to document creation and publishing for next-generation scientific textbooks and lectures

  • Amount $899,998
  • City Wilmington, DE
  • Investigator John Stachurski
  • Year 2019
  • Program Technology
  • Sub-program

The Jupyter notebook is a popular, open source, Python-powered computing platform originally designed to allow researchers to easily execute, annotate, and share computationally sophisticated research. Since its launch, however, some researchers have discovered the notebook can also be used as an effective platform for the creation and sharing of textbooks, articles, lecture series, and other educational resources. Because the Jupyter system was not originally designed with this use-case in mind, modules and other add-ons need to be developed to streamline it as a pedagogical tool. This grant funds a collaborative project by John Stachurski, Greg Caporaso, and Chris Holdgraf to build a generic publishing workflow on top of the core Jupyter system that will simplify its use in producing educational materials.

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