Cornell University

To support the growth of a public and sustainable patent data infrastructure and research collaborative that enables novel innovation research

  • Amount $1,444,204
  • City Ithaca, NY
  • Investigator Matt Marx
  • Initiative Empirical Economic Research Enablers (EERE)
  • Year 2021
  • Program Research
  • Sub-program Economic Institutions, Behavior, & Performance

Datasets about patents are among the most important tools for studying the economics of science and technology. Patent records do not tell the whole story, of course, but they do provide critical evidence about innovation, regulatory policy, and economic growth. Funds from this grant support the Innovation Information Initiative (“I-Cubed”), a diverse, interdisciplinary community of scholars devoted to enhancing research on the economics of science and productivity by increasing the coverage and usefulness of open patent data. Grant funds will support the I-Cubed networks creation and/or expansion of four innovative resources for researchers: a database of connections between patents and scientific papers; a database of connections between patents and retail products; a portal collecting patent metadata that will allow better disambiguation of inventors and inventions; and a database on patent funding that will distinguish, for example, between patents filed by established firms vs entrepreneurs or start-ups. These resources will allow researchers to ask and answer important questions about the economics of science and innovation with greater confidence. That includes questions about the return on investment to basic scientific research, identifying commonalities among innovators, the relationship between innovation and commercialization, and what sorts of funding and work structures are most supportive of patent production.

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