Columbia University

To continue support of the discovery and iterative use of machine learning models through development and adoption of the AI Model Share platform

  • Amount $520,172
  • City New York, NY
  • Investigator Michael Parrott
  • Initiative Trust in AI
  • Year 2021
  • Program Technology
  • Sub-program Exploratory Grantmaking in Technology

This grant funds the continued development of the AI Model Share platform, a website and integrated open-source Python library where researchers can deploy and share versions of machine learning models they have created in their research, and which can then be subsequently downloaded, implemented, used, analyzed, and improved by other researchers. In addition to making new resources available to researchers of all kinds, AI Model Share’s careful attention to issues like requirements tracking, versions, and documentation is an important step towards creating standards, tools, and practices that will allow research using machine learning methods to be robustly replicated. Activities supported by grant funds include the beta launch of the platform, user training and feedback workshops, an expansion of the platform’s ability to submit, search for, and replicate stored AI models, and the development of a front end “portfolio page” interface for platform users.

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