National Public Radio, Inc.

To enhance business and economics coverage on Planet Money and to fund a one-year pilot to expand multimedia storytelling at the Science Desk

  • Amount $890,000
  • City Washington, DC
  • Investigator Kinsey Wilson
  • Year 2012
  • Program Public Understanding
  • Sub-program Radio

Funds from this grant to National Public Radio will support the expansion and improvement of business and economics coverage on Planet Money. Supported activities include the hiring of new Planet Money staff, production of twice monthly segments on economic issues for both Morning Edition and All Things Considered, two of NPR's most popular shows, and the creation of a set of "explainers" that explicate key economic concepts like inflation and GDP. Additional monies will support the expansion of Planet Money's online activities and outreach, funding the creation of a Planet Money iPhone and iPad app, and allowing the creation of a multimedia content team that will focus on bringing Planet Money stories to an online audience. Additional funds from this grant provide core support to the NPR science desk.

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